My secter of crisp turkey

Ok, I should share this right now... I have a little secret how to make the turkey crispy and ​beautiful. It's so easy... But when I first cooked a turkey it wasnt easy and my dish was aweful)).

Before you put the turkey in the oven, you should pour it over boiling water few times - and let it dry. Each time you pour the water - then let dry, water - let dry... I usually do this 3 times, and then add salt and papper.

Hot water closes the pores of the turkey skin, so the skin becomes crispy and good looking.

What secrets do you use for turkey? I need to know more)).

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    )) as for me turkey is the easiest part - side dishes are much more complicated.
    What are you going to cook this time?
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      I like that idea! Thanks!
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