Change in food and sleep habits?

Hi all, I need your expertise! My 13 month old has recently stopped eating as much and her sleep habits have changed. Overall, she seems to be doing the same otherwise, which is why I'm not overly concerned, but she used to be such a good eater! Now she has maybe 1/4, if not less than what she used to. She did this briefly one other time when a tooth was coming in, but this time it seems to be lasting longer. I'll probably bring her to the pediatrician just to make sure it's nothing else, but I wanted to see if any of you experienced something similar. The only thing I can get her to eat is oatmeal (although not as much as she used to eat), a yogurt, banana, and plain orzo. And she'll have about 16 ounces of whole milk each day. Help!

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      8Theresa Gould
      Teething can affect appetite and sleep so that is probably the issue. Toddlers also go through periods where they do not eat a lot and then seem to catch up on another day.