Worst nightmare came truer :(

Still in my PJs, with unbrushed hair and with burp cloth on my shoulder with carrot stains on it, I was trying to feed my daughter, when the door bell rang. Assuming it would be the USPS delivery who would just leave the package at door, I opened the door and there was a lady. She informed me that she is our new neighbor who has just bought the house around the corner. Assuming that I am the maid/babysiter/houserkeeper anyone but the lady of the house, she wanted to meet the owner of the house and get the contact details of the gardner :(

I kept telling her that I am the owner and she kept asking if I lived here.

Finally I guess she accepted the fact that I am the owner as I congratulated and welcomed her to our neighborhood and gave her the details she came for.

She left and in distress I closed the door and looked in the glass and thought she was not at fault, I did look worst than a maid.

    8Theresa Gould
    I think we all have those moments. Just move on and let it go. It really doesn't matter what she thinks. You were caring for your daughter, that's more important than how you looked when you answered the door.
      4Nicole Sanders
      I have those moments too, your at home its okay..
      Enjoy being comfy! Have a good day! :)
        Hey what you wear in your home is up to you!!! Some days I get up put a bra on and stay in my pj's all day... To bad if they don't like it I don't care. One day I answered the door I had just been puked on like his whole 6oz bottle and to make it "worse" I was wearing black pants black tank so you could see all the milk!! it was down my shirt in my hair of my it was everywhere!! The guy needed a signature so I opened the door he looked me up and down I just looked at him about ready to cry and he said to me do'nt worry we have all been there it will be okay. Gave me a nice smile and even helped me bring the packages in the house. He was so nice. Sorry about the rant. BUT don't worry about what other people say might or think they don't really matter. And hey if you become good friends it will be a great story on how you met.. Ha Ha???
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