Gestational Diabetes...

Ok...Before I got pregnant, I never even heard of gestational diabetes. When I was told I had this, I cried and cried. Anyone else who felt the same way if and when they found out they got it? I now have to follow a certain diet and cut out my favorite foods and it seems like the only foods I can eat are mostly bland foods. I'm finding this a little challenging to do. I'm still a little depressed about having this, but I have to take care of myself for me and my baby. I just hope this goes away and not turn into either type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Thank you, Meg. I feel I really need some encouragement right now. I know this can happen to anyone, but I think it's different when it actually happens to you. I know in the end everything will be alright. I have God on my side and people like you to help me feel better. Thanks again, Meg. I appreciate it.
    8Theresa Gould
    I've never been diagnosed with it but had to have the glucose testing in a couple of pregnancies.

    Changing diet is hard. Baby steps. You should still be able to have spices to make your food more appealing. Have you tried to find diabetes recipes that are appealing to your palate?
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