Having a hard time dealing when my family is separate...

My husband and I are temporarily living separate, even though we are still together. It all began when I found out I was pregnant and I looked at our tiny and cluttered apartment (it was cluttered before We were even married...his mother, may she rest in peace, was a hoarder. She kept everything, including his dead father's items). When I moved in, I told him he would have to decide what to do with his parents things (in the meanwhile, I just tried to keep everything in place). We also have a pest problem and we can't put down poison because of our dog. We contacted our housing management and their workers are just lazy and find excuses to not work (We live in NYCHA, New York City Housing Authority, aka the "Projects"). During my first trimester, I couldn't do much, my husband could only do so much by himself and that's when our tiny apartment really fell into disrepair (there are a lot more problems that I can't document). We finally purchased new furniture, my husband tossed away most of his parent's items and the house was in the beginning of the renovation, I went in labor early. I had to move in with my mom while he finished the apartment. Unfortunately, Housing has taken their sweet time in doing the repairs and my husband could only do what he can on his own. I took matters in my hands, spoken to a Social worker, who is helping us legally. My husband is working with his new Housing Manager (although red tape and lazy workers are still a problem). This is hard on me because I just want my family together. My husband missed the first three months of milestones, and what's worst is he and my mother don't get along (they had a huge arguement and he is not allowed in her home, and this is where my daughter and I are). I just needed to vent because this is hard on me.

My husband tried to get a transfer and they would have transferred us but there is a City wide freeze on all transfers because our Mayor wants more affordable apartments for the homeless families (which I voted for)...
    8Theresa Gould
    It sounds very hard. I hope you all can be together again soon.
      Thank you for the support...I needed to vent.
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