Raven-Symone's interview with Oprah, labels are not important?

You know, I'm not sure what I think of her comments. She's obviously a well spoken, nice woman. But to me her comments seem like something my teenager would say. You know, someone who hasn't lived in the real world... where no matter what we WANT to think, labels do exist.

"I'm not gay"
"I'm not African American"

However, she is in a same sex relationship and is a black female who lives in the USA. So I guess the question is, are labels only relevant if the person who is being labeled agrees?

    I think it is just a very immature unrealistic view of the world. They are not "labels" per say but they are descriptions of you. The parts of what make you uniquely you and let's people know who you are. We are NOT all created the same and therefore we are not all treated the same. We should all be treated with kindness and respect but it is kind of silly of us to think that it should be equal, I would never expect someone to show me the same respect they show say the First Lady. It would be nice lol but unrealistic.
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