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ok have a question. I had my son at hospital( well duh he wasnt born anywhere else..lol) and thinking of second baby at same hospital. Ok this is for ladies who have one child already and either are prego with second or have another child. I had it seems alot of blood work my first visit... does that happen everytime for first visit? Bc if it doesnt then hubby doesnt have to go with me. ( I hate needles) I almost pasted out twice when I had to do it with my son.....errr

    For your first visit they will always do a lot of blood work. Sometimes they will wait until the second visit depending on how far along you are. I asked the doc about it at my first appointment a few weeks ago and she said that they do it because so they can compare your levels to when you have blood work done normally when they do the glucose testing. When I had my son and they did my second set of blood work they were able to see that I had problems with my thyroid levels that I did not have at the beginning of my pregnancy. It helps them determine what is pregnancy related if there are any abnormalities in your blood work.
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      It seems to me they took blood from me every time with my first five children.
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