Is it true that to much stress can harm your growing baby? i've heard lots of different things but I want to know if any of you were under alot of stress while pregnant and how it affected the pregnancy.

    I was under extreme stress with my son. We were homeless and living in our car for about two months when I was 5-7 months and then my husband lost his job a few days before our son was born. It honestly probably made me get sick a little more often, but not even my blood pressure was ever high during my pregnancy. And baby was fine. I don't think stress is a good thing during pregnancy but for me it didn't really bother me too badly.
      8Theresa Gould
      I read this after the fact and had a really stressful and anxious pregnancy with my sixth child. She is now eight and seems to be just fine. She was a healthy baby and a good child. Feisty but she has to be to be amidst four brothers. ;)
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