Yes, No, Maybe?

Just like I always do.. I say "to each their own".. to come couples, this is very important, to at least be "in the know".. for others, it just isn't something they dwell upon.. As for us, I was only going to do it if our insurance covered the tests.. and they did. Either way they came back wasn't going to change A THING.. but I would like to be prepared if our scenario wasn't completely the normal.

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    yes, I'm a such a kind of person that would like to know ahead. I did an amnio with my second when the ultrasound detected that something wrong with his blood circulation, and his fingers were not the right size/shape. When we got our results back with the Trisomy 18, I was shocked but was ready to face a dead child.. He had to chance to survive outside the womb..So, for me it was better to know before he was born.
      I know the screening can cause alot of troubles, because of the mistakes... when someone tells you your baby is going to be born sick... I even cant imagine my reaction.
      As for me I'm not going to make the screening - I know alot of cases where there was a terrible mistakes.
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        I never took the extra tests they offered because I knew I would carry my babies to full-term no matter if they found something or not. I was not going to induce/abort my baby or do "selection reduction" or whatever term they use to cover up what it is - an abortion. I also did not want their "what ifs" to ruin my pregnancy and if I found out something was wrong I'd be worrying the rest of the pregnancy. Better to find out at birth and deal with it from there was our motto for us.
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