Baby Lead Weaning..

Mamas.. does anyone do BLW? My SIL does.. and just curious as to how, if you love it, if it seems to work.. and all the fun details :)

    When I had Andrew my sister was telling me about it.. Let baby decide when they are ready for more food, avoid cereal and purees.. I did wait until Andrew was ready, but did the convetional.. Ready as in seemed like he would never stop nursing.
    Eva has never had purees or baby cereal. She had avocados, bananas, eggs (boiled yolk or scrambled whole) until she got all her teeth then crackers and overcooked chopped small bites of whatever we were eating-she'll try just about anything now, despite 'funny' textures... And I didn't have to let my supper grow cold to feed her, just give her the chunks and let her go at it.
    Grace, is eating purees and cheerios like nobody's business. I'm going to scramble her some eggs today instead of her munching on cheerios.
    My understanding of BLW is you do what's best for you and yours, understanding that milk should still be their main source of nutrition (nurse/bottle feed first, then if still hungry do solids). With some...enthusiasts...of BLW, it's absolutely horrific if you start solids before one... I got in a...discussion..on FB the other day with one... I'm told by other mommas in the group, I won. lol. After all, it's baby led. don't just start them on food because they start sitting up (although I did make Grace wait until she was sitting up unassisted) or because they reach a certain age.
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