Worst day for a pulled back

I swear it is the worst day for my back to act up. I woke up fine this morning no pain in my back. Than when I went to go and get my SO lunch ready for the day, I must of moved the wrong way because my lower back is killing me. And of all days.

I had to do a load of Ashley's clothes this morning because we finally got a couple of new sheet for her bed that I don't have to tape on because it is too big for her bed. Plus along with doing all her other clothes too. Those are done and hanging out on the line drying for the day.

Plus Ashley has therapy today if her therpist doesn't cancel today again. I am trying to get things back into some sort of order for that today.

Then the other day we decided to go to the beach tomorrow so I have to get things done for that. Get extra clothes for all 3 of us. Plus get the big cooler filled with water, gatorades, energy drinks and so forth. It's going to be a long day today and long day tomorrow.

Going to get up early tomorrow and head to the beach for my SO can get some fishing in, going to the beach and hang out there for awhile. Than stop by and see his step dad that was more of a father than his own father was for a bit.

All you loving moms have a good Friday and Saturday.

    Melissa Middleton
    I hope your back feels better.
    On a side note, I wish I was at the beach.
      8Theresa Gould
      Hope you have a fun time at the beach!
        If you can go get a massage... they help so much let them know you hurt you back and whats going on. Maybe you can get a deep tissue one they are amazing!!! I have a knot in my back right now about the size of a tennis ball and its made my whole neck sore and my shoulder and wow it hurts to move. I got a 12 min massage today and have been rubbing it on most every corner I can and its helping a lot. so lots of water and go get a massage it will help so much it might hurt but OMG"sh it will help
        Trust me I am not either but when its just one area its worth it. A few years ago I totalled my sled. Rolled it and broke the handle bars off on my face. Ouch I know I was okay just super sore. Didn't break anything that time. But any who I went and got a deep tissue massage and told the girl what had happened and she did wonders I was able to move and could function... It was great. I can't ever relax when I get a massage but if I'm in pain I know that it will help. IF you don't want someone to touch you maybe go get a pedi and sit in one of those massage chairs. That might help to. Hot hot showers to realx the muscles and I know it hurts but stretching like yoga could help a lot. j
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