What would you do?

This is hypothetical, but very similar to a situation I ran into in my early 20's . I'm curious how you would deal with it.

Your best friend is married. She starts flirting with another man and seems to be working towards making plans to have an affair.

Her husband comes to you one day (you are all friends, but have known the wife longer and are closer to her) and says he feels like something is wrong but he doesn't know what. He feels like his wife is distant and cold though, like his marriage is in trouble.

How do you respond or react?

    He needs to be talking her, not to you... I was in a similar situation things got hairy because he started to lean on me for advice and support. Not a good situation
      I agree with Tabitha, the guy should be talking to his wife, I would stay out of no matter what. Not my problem.
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