My Juggling Skills

Juggling family, work and a bit of online paid writing gig is worth a try but at the expense of a messy house , limited time for my kids as well as to my husband who equally juggles a distant farm and checks us back in the city ones in a while. But I am blessed I know all these otherwise I would not pray, especially ones ready to go home from work , that I will be as fresh as I was in the morning so that ones my kids meet me at the door , I will not merely be a remain of the day.

The online job , a new addition to my routine surely will not be crashed out as I believe that no matter how meager the amount i'm earning, I am enormously learning. As my quote of the week says " In every labor, there is profit. In every idle chatter, there is poverty."

I pray to be consistent in polishing my skills so I can evenly divide my time, most specially to my family who is , in the first place, the ultimate reason I am developing.

Good day, friends!

    Sounds like it really is a juggling act. It is not always easy but it sounds like you do it well.
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