Coughing baby....

So Owen has had a cough for a few days now...(Yes he also has a runny nose. Its clear not green, not icky... Just clear...) its not bad and mostly when he's sleeping and or has had a bottle or eaten something... Is there any way I can help him other then vicks, keeping him propped up, a cool mist humidifier??

I love him dearly but I really want him to sleep in his room in his bed so we can all sleep better... Hes' sleeing with us so he doesn't move as much and stays propped up... Do you momma's have any other idea's or suggestions on what I could do to help him get rid of this cough??

    Sounds like allergies and sinuses draining. If you givehim allergy medicine tthen his sinuses will swell causing a headache. Is something blooming that hasn't been blooming before? Extra dust? (corn coming in from fields).
      Poor little guy! I would try the humidifier and see if that helps.
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