Getting Organized and Staying Organized

I am ahead in some of my work, thankfully, so I am going to take time this weekend to try and get my office and business stuff organized. With different streams of income coming in there's so much paper work and though I am organized by nature, I struggle to stay on top it all amidst every day life. How do you stay on top of paper clutter? Work projects, etc.?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    Ah.. first off, kudos for being ahead! :)

    Recently I went through the same issue, Theresa.. as I do multiple things, have many clients, projects etc.. this week I took control of the madness! Here we go..

    I have a desk, printer and a little office set up in our one guest bedroom.. I use this as a hub (and my computer) for all things work related! I went out this week and bought folders for EACH client of mine and labeled them, using this folder and it alone for anything pertaining to that client. I also have envelopes for checks from different clients so I always know what is from whom... On my computer, it is no different, I have folder dedicated to each client and within in those the different projects. I even have folders for invoices and images! I also add many things to my mac calendar.. when different invoices are due, projects, etc.. all with email notifications! :)
    8Theresa Gould
    I just got new file folders and I have expandable folders, so that's my next project so we are semi-prepared come tax time, which is just around the corner. Guess it comes down to consistency in doing the filing on a regular basis. It always gets shoved to the bottom of my list - I'd rather be doing something else! :)
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