Co sleeping

My hubby is a very heavy sleeper so with my first since he was working days she didn't get to co-sleep with me unless we took naps together or we fell asleep together in the recliner.

Now my hubby works nights on a 2-2-3 rotation. With our second I get to co-sleep with her A LOT more. On the nights that he works we fall asleep together whenever I get big sister in bed first. Sometimes we fall asleep in bed together but mostly we sleep in the recliner together until one of us wakes up than we move to bed. When we go to bed I will lay her in her cradle which is only about 4 inches from our bed. If we fall asleep in bed I will lay her in her cradle whenever I wake up. On the nights that he works I will take her back to our room to snuggle until she goes to sleep or rather until WE go to sleep. My hubby will generally come wake me up after about a half hour. Sometimes he will get me up and have me lay her in the cradle other times he will just have me lay her in the cradle and actually go to bed under the blankets instead of laying across the bed on top of the blankets. I am a light enough sleeper that I don't worry about sleeping with baby especially sleeping in the recliner but I know that when I get tired enough when I sleep in bed I am a really heavy sleeper. There have been times that Hubby has gotten home in the morning and asked me "What are you doing on my side of the bed?" Before I even am awake enough to respond he answers his own question with "sleeping." There have also been a handful of times that he has gotten home in the morning and had to untangle the blankets around me in order to be able to find me and lay down with me.

With me working full time again I tend to fall asleep with Baby. I love the bonding time.

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I am one of those fortunate people who can sleep about anywhere. Granted it may take me a whole lot longer to fall asleep but I will eventually go to sleep. I am a lot more likely to fall asleep quickly on the ground laying out in the sun relaxing than I am to fall asleep at night right away at a hotel. I fell asleep quite a few times during my first trimester of my second pregnancy laying in the grass out back of the building at work by the small pond during my lunches.
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