Hospital Stay!!

Hello ladies! I haven't being very active for the last few days because I got hospitalized for a severe pain on my left kidney come to find out my white cell counts were elevated and my kidneys were swollen due to an infection! I had never seen some one getting so much IV like I did this past 2 days 11 bags of IV 7 bags of antibiotics and let's not count bathroom trip every 15 min LITERALLY. But I am home today with my family and baby in the belly is doing great!!! Missed my lovely ladies Xoxo

Ever LopezFlushing, New York
    Oh my! I remember the first kidney infection I had and it was no fun at all! I was not pregnant and refused to let them put me in the hospital even though they wanted too. I think in the hours I was at the doctors office they pumped 2 bags of antibiotics, a bag of pain killers, and 3 bags of fluids into me. Kidney infections are no joke, and painful!!! It is SO easy to get dehydrated with them, remember to drink as much water as possible!! I hope you are feeling better!!!
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