Sunlight has shine on us.

Despite, many things have happened in past few weeks. I know that we all have ups and downs due to ebola and enterovirus.. Of course, many things that I have not mention in this post.

However, I know that you guys may want some good news. Of course, I have a wonderful, wonderful news for you guys.

Remember I mentioned few weeks ago about breasts sore and etc.. Few of you guys say that I may be pregnant. I took the test and it came out negative. Of course, I was disappointed. Somehow, I kept feeling something is not right about myself.

I waited for little more and I asked my best friend who always, always get period after I get my period. I asked her when is her period day and she told me that this Wednesday or Thursday. I kept this in my mind and waited until Thursday and I contacted her if she did get her period. She says yup.. I knew that I am late.

I know that I should have waited for one more week, but YESTERDAY, I felt the moves for the first time. It felt like I am nervous and butterflies flutter in my stomach.. I just knew that I am pregnant because I remembered the feeling when I first felt the moves with my son when I was around 8 weeks pregnant.

So, I decided to comply myself to take the tests and of course, I was soooo afraid to see the result because I do not want to be disappointed if it comes out negative...

The test came out ....... :::drummmmmmm::::

POSITIVE!!! My husband, of course, made me to take another test and it came out positive again!! :-)

I do not know how far along I am and I will call my OB to make an appointment on this Monday (hopefully the office opens on Colobmus day) . Fingers crossed!

    Congrats on your pregnancy!!! That is so exciting!!!
      Oh, how exciting congratulations, this is so awesome for you and your family. Keep us posted please. I would just love to be apart of this new journey of yours. Oh, how neat a feeling .
        they just don't like to admit , I have one of those to but gosh don't ya just love them for it.
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