Have your children seen you cry?

It's funny, my daughter said she can only remember seeing me cry once, which was during my grandma's burial service. She thinks I don't cry. Honestly, I am not a crier and it's only because when I get sad I usually try to use humor to deal with it. But I have nothing against crying.

Have your kiddos seen you cry?

    I try to hide so no one sees me crying, I have cried in front of my child but she wont remember.
      I was never a crier but the last few years have been rough so there have been lots of tears. Tristen has for sure seen me crying, especially now with being pregnant. Hopefully I will pull myself together before they are old enough to remember. Lol
        Ever Lopez
        My oldest saw me cry a few times with this pregnancy and what he does is sit next to me and cry and tells me " Momy is ok I love you" I just LoL and hug him!!! But I had always say that crying is an emotion that can be full of many definition "happiness, sadness, just a memory, or just a reminder that we are alive and have fellings"
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