My daughter has a six pack and I have a stomache :(

as bad as this might sound I kind of envy my 10 year old daughter Meghan because she has a six pack but that's because she goes to PE at her school everyday and she never does anything fun at PE, at PE she just stretches then runs half a mile (yes exactally half a mile) and then usually plays a game called run till you drop which is a game where you basically run until you stop running and as soon as you stop running you have to sit down and the last one still running wins. and I do honestly have a chubby stomache and I do excerise and that does help but I am kind of envying my daughter do you blame me or is this bad

    Kids have a faster metabolism, don't worry, Just keep trying to target your core with exercise that strengthens your muscles. Try the criss cross bicycle: elbow to knee ab crunch. Try twisting and jumping side to side to target your obliques. Use your daughter as motivation!
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