Today I started Using a bottle with Sofia. She wasn't to find of it at first but she took to it! I like having the option to breastfeed or give her to daddy to feed lol

    Tristen was 3 1/2 months before he would agree to take a is so nice when they will take both.
    Tristen wouldn't even scream, he would just go to sleep. It was crazy. I was SO happy when he decided to take it. We moved 18 hours away and we would have to stop every two hours to feed him because he would only nurse. Then as soon as we got to my parents house after a very long trip he took a bottle from my Dad...I was not happy. lol
    Isn't it funny how quickly we learn the little tricks that get them to do what we want? lol That is progress though. It shouldn't be long before she just gets used to it.
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