Love a good deal!

So hubby wanted to go out bookshopping ​ today with his birthday money. We hit up our local used bookstore which we've grown to love before the chains. Lo and behold we walked out of that place with a bagful. On top of their usual buy 3 get one free and military discount, it happens they were running an early Black Friday sale. We only spent 40 on all of them. Made my day! Can't wait to dive in !

Oh it would be so hard to say my favorite. Maybe Hyperspace by Michio Kaku - nonfiction about physics. Lately I have been on an extreme-horror/bizarro kick.
    Don't you love surprise sales? I also love books ... but an a library fanatic! I do love a good bookstore though I probably would have walked out with an entire bag too! What kinds of books do you like?
      Elena ~ Those sales are a must! We ALWAYS go to the library sales... my daughter came out with a whole series of books this year for pennies!
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