"9 Surprising Facts About The Umbilical Cord"

This is a very interesing article and a reason I know my husband is worried about home birth without a midwife. But it's extremely rare that a short umbilical chord, or a baby being choked by it's lifesource (umbilical cord) happens.

    Three of my babies were born with the umbilical cord around their neck. It didn't cause a problem for any of them, it was easily slipped off as soon as their head was born.
      I admit being scared to death of this...and my son ended up with the cord wrapped around twice. But I was born with the cord around my neck and it damaged my esophagus so much that I was unable to digest food for the first 4 months and almost did not survive. But I was also born without the help of the doctor who didn't believe my Mom that I was coming NOW. So there was no one there to unwrap the cord. I still have problems and have to be careful how I eat things or I pass out. It is something that I worry about with this baby too...but I think more from my experience than from any real concern that I should have.
        8Theresa Gould
        This is pretty much what our midwife has told me. I have seen two births where the cord was around baby's neck and all that happened what the cord was flipped over baby's head as it came out. No ill affects whatsoever.

        Knots have been known to be in umbilical cords but "usually" nothing bad happens and oxygen and blood can still get through. It is rare when something like Amy's situation happens.
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