Extra Baby Tests

Mamas.. when you had your baby, while you were in the hospital.. did you or your baby have to have any additional tests? If so, how come? I didn't have anything out of the blue happen, but Monroe was so tiny, just 5 lbs 13 ounces, that he had to have his blood sugar levels checked EVERY time before he ate for 24 hours.. whew! That was like every 2 hours.. and they would squeeze his little heel to get blood out :( Anyways, he passed every time.. but it still wasn't super fun :)

    Adrianna did because of state requirements.. Andrew had blood sugar tests every two hours because my sugar levels crashed during labor and his crashed as a result (see, that's what happens when you tell a hypoglycemic momma she can't eat for 12 hours...)
      We had normal test done for blood and hearing and she passed, very healthy baby and still very healthy. Thankful mama here!
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