What a Weekend. Phew

Well, first off, I am not pregnant, unfortunately. I truly got my hopes up this time, too. So, hopefully next time. My daughter had a bizarre rash which turned out to be a delayed reaction from an antibiotic she was on. It began to appear on Wednesday with what appeared to be a bug bite--which she told us she got outside of church (but not too bad an barely noticeable) and then Thursday the school called me and told me she had broken out everywhere. They told me "welts" which, of course, made this momma panic. So, we took her to the pediatrician who told us it was a case of hives, He gave her some steroid medication because she refused the shot. We took her home. I gave her a clear, lukewarm bath with only baking soda in it, put corn starch on her rashes. We sent her to bed and by the next morning the rash was completely gone minus a few pencil eraser sized marks (about 2-3). So, I sent her to school (the bus arrives at seven am). I get a call from the school (the same time as Thursday--this was Friday) telling me Jaina began to break out at 8 am and it has spread as is worse than it was yesterday. So, I had my brother-in-law go pick her up (we only have on vehicle). It was not as bad as it was yesterday, truthfully. So, I gave her another dose of her medicine. I told my hubby I want to take her to the ER but he wanted to wait because he believed it was an allergic reaction to a breakfast she ate at school since this did not happen until Thursday. Saturday morning, we wake up and her rash has spread. On the way to the ER it spread even more. She had to have blood drawn and two shots. It took four nurses and my hubby to hold her down. It was heart breaking. I do not like my children to endure things like this, and Jaina is petrified of needles. On top of all of this, Mr. Jonah has four teeth coming in, two of which are the eye teeth (canines or upper cuspids). And has passed a growth spurt as well. And, we had a crew come in and repair some of our home (one will be here again this weekend). Needless to say, it has been one endless, stressful, and heartrending weekend. I am glad it is over and that my little girl is doing better.

Melissa MiddletonPennington Gap, Virginia
    I am sorry to hear that you are not pregnant. Fingers crossed for next month!
      Glad she's doing better, what a busy weekend!
        So sorry about not being pregnant..sending you baby dust for next month.
        I am glad your little girl is doing better though!!!
          Melissa Middleton
          Thank you, everyone. We are glad Jaina is doing better as well. I just hope this nasty rash doesn't rear it's ugly head again because, if so, she has to be hospitalized and have her system flushed. And, as long as I can help it, she will not.
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