Birth control

so I was wondering what kind of birth control to go on. I do not want anymore kids. I didn't get my tubes tied because of complications at birth with my last c section. Ideas on what to be on so I don't become a mommy like ever agian.. Lol

    Tying your tubes is the best way to assure that you won't be a Mommy again. But there are other options. I think it depends on how committed you want to be to remember to take birth control. If you don't want to remember to take something everyday they have implants that they put in your arm, IUD's, patches, as well as shots that are done every three months. The best thing is to talk to your doctor about your lifestyle and see what they feel would work for you.
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      It might be the Essure coils? It takes like 10 minutes and they say it is permanent. I forgot about that one! I was going to do it but changed my mind.
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