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That cows can hold up their milk? Yep they can and we are experiencing this every day. Today, however, was a day the girls witnessed it first hand by actually seeing Comet's empty udder after milking nearly a gallon of milk, only for her udder to fill up again when Hermes (our calf) came up to her for milk. They can also hold up their cream so their calf will get the highest calorie milk. Isn't that amazing? Like they have their own little cream separator built in!

For some reason Comet's milk does not seem to go bad as fast as Miss Moo/a.k.a Eclipse's. We are wondering if it is because Miss Moo is an older cow?

Just some interesting things we have been learning about cows.

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
8Theresa Gould
I'm not sure that I know. My daughter has read up on it more than I have. It has been an interesting learning curve on when/how to milk her timing wise to Hermes feedings.

B chose Hermes after a Greek god, which apparently ran away from his mother. It seemed fitting after Hermes escapade when he was five days old!
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