OH NO!!!

So ​I got up this morning at 5 and put my ham and turkey in the oven then got back up at 8 and checked on them and they weren't even hot I could pick the pans up wit me bare hands. I started FREAKING! My bottom element went out on my oven. So I took everything out and took the aluminum foil out of the bottom( I line the bottom with) and wiggeled the element and THANK GOD it started working so lets hope everything's done by the time family starts to arrive. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

    Tessa, lol) Everything will be ok - dont worry)
    I had such case several days ago when my husband just turned off my oven while there were a pie inside)
    How do you cook a ham? Please share - I need new ideas for today).
      8Theresa Gould
      We've had our oven go out the week of Thanksgiving and had to buy a whole new oven. I was hosting that year and was so scared it wouldn't arrive on time.
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