What's in YOUR diaper bag!

Okay dish Mamas.. I love hearing these!

I'll go first..

- 3 diapers
- a pack of wipes
- one extra onesie
- peppermint essential oil
- a changing pad
- spray hand sanitizer
- 2 plastic bags for "accidents"
- of course he always has his formula carrier and a bottle too!
- I always throw some teething toys in when we leave the house too :)

    Ever Lopez
    Oh My!! I got 8 diapers (4 sizes 6 and 4 sizes 3)
    Change of clothes for my boys ( shirt, pants, socks) Lots of snacks, some action figures, some small cars, medicine ( tynenol, allergies medicine, A&D cream, ear drops, saline water) a thermometer..

    I can't never be to careful!
      In my diaper bag/purse is 4 diapers, pack of wet ones, extra clothes and socks, my wallet/clutch, band-aids, chapstick, mace and sippy cup and food when we are ready to go.
        Melissa Middleton
        Let's see, he actually has two. A smaller one for shorter trips and a bigger one for longer ones.

        Inside: Toys, baby food, spoons, bibs, burp clothes, extra clothes, diapers, changing pad, wipes, (I keep hand sanitizer in my purse and the van), heat packs for bottles when needed (hubby lost the pieces to the car bottle warmer), bottles, Ziploc baggies with formula inside (I measure the allotted amount before so I can just pour the contents into the bottle. It saves room and time, too), teething tablets, and Tylonel. Sometimes we have gripe water but we have not needed to use it in about 3 months.
          Well I have two... One stays in the truck all the time.
          Truck Bag:
          -bag of diapers
          -package of wipes
          -extra outfit
          -formula container
          -Also have a jug of baby water and a jug of juice in the truck.
          -?? Maybe some toys??-

          Main Bag also Momma's purse:
          -Diaper changing pad/kit
          -diaper cream
          -Sippy cup
          -small bag for Momma
          -Spoons for pouch baby foods
          -Nail clipper
          -chap stick
          -Momma's Wallet
          -Pouched baby foods
          -Bib to go thing with bibs and spoons in it

          I think that's it...
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