Short Venting here...

I love that I was pregnant with 2 of my good friends and now our kids are 6 week apart. Owen in January, Blake in March, Sadie in April. Except now we dont see each other as much and they can't do anything like go out to supper because their babies "can't handle it" I mean come on expose your kids to some things like going out to eat and being around people... I know they are their kids and they have totally different parenting styles then I do... but still sometimes I just miss going out to supper with our friends... Our son is use to it all because we bring him everywhere and "expose" him to it all... If we go out to supper he sits in his high chair and plays and eats puffs crackers or what ever we order him for supper... Their kids just cry. Its their first babies and every little noise they make they pick them up... let you kid figure it out let them cry for a bit let them whine its okay to do that.

Sorry but thanks for listening... :)

    Exactly... They wont put their kids in high chairs yeah they are just the wood ones but o-well they need to learn the leave him laying in his carseat and feed him when hes laying there. Hes' whining the whole time but they dont pick him up... I want so bad to say just put him in the high chair and let him figure it out and see what happenes... its okay!!! UG we do only go to family friendly resturanats but still its like the parents get all stressed out and then the kids do... Let you kids learn some stuff and figure it out. Don't worry what other people say. I will handle them and fix it other people who give dirty looks. I have before and it wasn't an issue anymore..
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      What about staying in and ordering pizza or Chinese and rotate around to each of your houses? It is a compromise since the other couples would rather stay in. Then you can reserve going out to eat as a special treat for you and your family.
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