Flying Baby!

Mamas.. what advice would you give someone about to fly with a baby?

Monroe might take his first flight this Winter.. so any tips would be appreciated :)

I know all about feeding on take off and landing.. for their ears.. and trying to keep them busy.. but what else?

    We Owen and I Owen was 5 months old at the time. Make sure he is sitting up during take off and landing. If he's sleeping put his head up by your shoulder. Bring a fav blanket or stuffed animal bottles are good, If your nursing bring a cover. Go early to get threw security they will x-ray your carseat stroller bag and EVERYTHING they might even do a water test. No big deal just put a strip over the open water bottle to make sure there are not drugs or alcohol in it. Bring enough formula on the plane for the for how long your plane ride is... I was flying to Texas but I packed 2 of those formula things with 6 oz each just in case my bag got lost with his big thing of formula in it. Yes I packed a NEW smaller container (we use target brand so i bought the $14 one just for the trip) Then I didn't have to worry about it opening and formula going all over the place. I put his baby water in a tall water bottle. I think it was a 32oz water bottle. You can also use bottled water if that's easier. Bring one or two toys for him to play with snacks are always good. puffs crackers anything like that to keep him busy. If you can get a window seat so he has somewhere to look...

    Bring your own carseat. If you can bring your infant seat that clicks in your stroller it will make things a lot easier. THen you are not renting a carseat cause you don't know the history of them...

    So basicly in your carry on, a diaper bag or backpack. Backpack might be easier cause it can carried on your back and they are not as bulky and fit under the seat better...

    *Go early to get threw security. They should help you get everything threw the machines
    *pack enough formula for the plane ride. Pack or bring bottled water tell them its for the baby
    *Bring snacks
    *Bring a blanket
    *Bring your own car seat and stroller
    *Diaper and wipes and 1 or 2 extra clothes for baby and an extra shirt for you just in case
    *A few toys
    Dont forget your tickets. purse, phone, the basics for you. Get you some snacks and something to drink in a bottle so you can close it. open cups and babies don't go well...

    Let him run around the terminal before you get on the plane its a really long time to have to sit... get that energy out so hopefully he sleeps on the plane...

    Good luck if you have someone who can help you go with you thats helps a lot... The TSA security people will not hold your baby while you fold up your stroller... at least they didn't for me... That's why I say go early like 2-3 hours before your flight just to get threw security and all that O-well if you have to sit around and wait your lil man can play and burn off energy while your waiting for your plane...

    Have fun take pictures of his first flight. Don't worry you will get threw it all :) Have fun :)
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