Are dress codes for girls perpetuating "rape culture"

I just read this article and thought I'd share. Here's a quick summary:

More and more schools are banning yoga pants/leggings for girls in school. This is along with many other dress code limitations set in place for girls including things like bra straps showing, short/skirt length, etc. Schools say they implement these rules because clothing like that is distracting to boys and warrants unwanted attention. The author argues that the clothes are not the problem, but the harassment is. No matter what a girl is wearing (or not wearing) boys should have enough self control to treat her with respect and still pay attention in class. We're making the girls responsible for the boys behavior, which is wrong. It's also teaching boys that they're slaves to their own hormones, which is wrong. There is also a double standard in most schools. Girls aren't allowed to wear leggings but boys can wear tight football pants or go shirtless in gym.

Overall, I agree that the dress codes are sending the wrong message. It shouldn't be "If you don't dress properly nobody will respect you and you may get harassed, which would be all your fault" message because as humans beings we should respect each other no matter what the other person is wearing. Plus in many sexual harassment cases the girl was just wearing jeans and a t-shirt. The clothes don't cause the harassment, the harasser does. However, I don't think that means we should abolish dress codes all together. Children need to learn what's appropriate attire so they can RESPECT THEMSELVES. That's what the message should be. The dress code can say that shorts must be a certain length but the reasoning should be because they don't need to be any shorter. Girls don't NEED to show off skin to feel pretty. Shorts are for staying cool. If they're short enough for that they don't need to be any shorter.

DId you have a strict dress code in your school? Do your kids? What do you think about the message your school is sending?…

    8Theresa Gould
    We don't have a dress code but dress guidelines. We prefer modest clothing over provocative, which is not the standard of dress for our culture.
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