They knew he was the only child by how he was acting and reacting

Carter is shy and socially awkward when it comes to new kids. Like at cradle school he won't play in the gym, he gets scared and shy. And will sit right beside me. Well today I took him to the mall at the play area, he sat right beside me and was scared to play. Until i showed him it was ok and he at first didnt want to share his cars until I showed him it was ok, then he played, well more kid came and some babies, he ran back to our seat, he starte throwing a fit because I was playing with other babies, he didnt want to play, he wanted to be held, then someone asked if he was the only child, i said yup, they said you can tell, thats how my oldest used to be til i had more. I'm scared for when we bring a new baby how he will adjust:( I'm also nervous when it comes to schooling. How dd you other moms of multiples get your first born adjusted to a new baby and new kids?

    When I was pregnant with my second I made sure to include my first in everything. I told him all about the pregnancy, I told him about the baby and what to expect. I bought him a baby doll and taught him how to care for a baby. I would tell him what baby names I liked and asked him what he thought about them. I called the baby "his baby" too. When his sister was born he got to help, he was only two but he was very helpful and very loving right away. He knew she was tiny and fragile and that he had to be careful. I made sure to give him plenty of one on one time. He got plenty of attention. I even bought him a gift, from the baby, that she gave him when he met her for the first time in the hospital.
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    I got pregnant at 18, had him month after I turned 19. Currently 21. I work full time, full time student and full time momma to Mr. Carter Layne Kennedy. He was born august 23rd,2012. Was born 2w3d early. 6lbs 7oz 21in. I had a VERY hard pregnancy.