Help hes only 9 month old BUT Help

Owen is 9 Months old.

How do I get him to stop pulling my hair?

How do I get him to stop biting when he gives kisses?

How do I get him to understand that NO means NO??? He laughs every time we tell him no...

    Tristen knew pretty early what NO meant. lol but he was and is a rough kid in general. He still gets carried away when he gives hugs and kisses and I normally end up getting hurt. I did get him to stop pulling my hair though. I would take his hand off my hair and tell him no then put his hand down by his side, if he laughed I would walk away from him. He did not like that I would walk away and that taught him faster then just about anything.
    I am still trying to get him to stop being so rough when he hugs and kisses. He knows for sure now what NO means but when I tell him to not hurt me when he hugs or kisses he gets this little sad look on his face and I bad but true. lol
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