making time for old friends if you're a mom

When my son was born, and my friends who didn't have their own children yet, were kind of sad that I don't have extra time for them. I still did except phone calls, but wasn't able to maintain ‚Äčlong conversations anymore.

I don't say I isolated my friends completely from me, I just rebuild my schedule based on my family's needs. My friends could come over and drink coffee, and then go for a walk. I didn't know if they like the fact that I cannot devote more time as I did before, but my first priority was my family, sorry.

Time changed when they got their own children, and now we can get together and go to the park, or movie theater, or just drink a cup of coffee together...if they have time...

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    8Theresa Gould
    We use to get together with other families from time to time but after I had more than five children the invitations kind of seemed to stop and we sort of stopped asking. I hate to use the excuse we were too busy but it's true especially once I started working from home.
      it is very hard for us to get together with friends who do not have children ... and since i do not believe in babysitters we just do not get together with them. We still chat and send cards and maybe the occasional coffee but nothing like :hanging" out pre-children
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