any advice?

So i just had my 1st daughter in February, my family was judgemental the whole time and hardly supportive. Especially my grandma. Anyways im 28 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and i havent told anyone on my side of the family afraid of what they will say. But today ive been stressing about it and i dont know how i am going to tell them when shes born and im starting to think i may not even tell them. Any advice?

    I understand what ur going threw im there myself whole family found out im pregnant due to my huge belly they eventually found out and I told them that if they had something negative to say they will not be part of my childs life and they have no right to judge me ur not going to help me raise my children so shut ur f*cken mouth shut ot ill do it for u ...they have no right to say anything ur the one who's going to be raising ur children they way u think its right ......if they continue saying things just stay away from them its better that way ....I am staying away from certain people who think its okay to judge me when they have 6 kids themselves and they can't even take CARE of them ...its ur decision to have kids not theirs.....and congratulations on ur pregnancy im here for u cheer up :-) u Will be a strong mommy for ur two.babies
    Look they have to understand that ur a grown women and ur strong enough to raise ur babies ....i know hes ur dad but look he had his chance to be a father to u and ur siblings so now its ur turn to be a good mother he has no right to judge u he was once there himself and everyone else should just accept it if they want to be a part of ur children's LIFE so dont stress there is no need for that
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