Is your child lying? how to discipline him/her?

what do you do when your kid tells you he did his chores and homework when ho didn't?

Kids lie for a number of reasons, but lying can become an easy way to solve problems if they are allowed to get away it. My son was trying to lie to me, and I set him down and used this opportunity to teach honesty:" I expect you to tell me only the truth, and I will do the same, so that we can always believe each other". He was very very sorry.

The trick is to find the right balance in your response so that your child knows lying is wrong but will still come to you with the truth.

And one more-listen to your child! The kids knew they could speak honestly and argue respectfully, knowing their parents would at least listen.​

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    8Theresa Gould
    Good advice. When we discover our children haven't done their chores or school work we require them to do the work and we talk to them about why lying is wrong.
      i have not encountered outright lying with my children yet (knock on wood) although my children do tend to exaggerate a bit... but I always can tell! Hope it does not evolve into something bigger!
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