Do you eat eggs?

I've heard so many bad things about eggs. Some people say don't eat raw eggs (I agree with that one!), some say don't eat the yolk, and others say don't eat them at all. So confusing! Personally, I like eggs, plus they're cheap, so I eat them.

    We eat eggs all the time. I think that eggs are a good source of protein and fat. We have our own chickens so we eat fresh eggs.
    We live in the city, so chickens are out of the question.
      My uncle is 78 years old with the energy of a 20 year old and he always told me if you eat more than one egg a day your a hog. He eats one egg two slices of bacon a tomato and a piece of toast for breakfast, a tomato sandwich for lunch, and usually meat and beer for dinner everyday for as long as I can remember. Moral of the story one egg a day is good for you.
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