Pumpkin Patch Day

I woke up earlier than usual for a Saturday, around 6:30am because I wanted to go get my grocery shopping trip done quicker. I left for the store just after 8 and took about 2 hours all together, got back home and Jordan, Sara and Aiden were already up but the rest of the kids were still sleeping. So I let them sleep for a little while longer and got the three of them breakfast and Jordan wanted to go down to the creek to go fishing so I let him do that and after about 45 minutes he came back with nothing, he loves fishing and being outdoors. I told him that we're going to get ready to go to the Pumpkin Patch, he went to take a shower and I'm getting the rest of the kids ready to go now. We're going to leave as soon as Jordan is ready, the girls haven't done anything with the pumpkin's they already have so we're going to decorate all the pumpkins tonight. I love going to get pumpkins and having the kids get their pumpkins, it's so much fun. Tim is at work so he won't be joining us which is a bummer but we'll manage, hope you ladies have a great Saturday.

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