Grrr. The cherry on top...

Hello ladies I just need to vent a Lil..

So like most of you know I being very ill with this pregnancy, ok so my husband have a older child that's 9 yrs old this child have no rules or regulations at home, he doesn't have no manners how so ever, his mother don't care about either, I had being dealing with this situation for 6 yrs now.. but this is THE CHERRY ON TOP I always tell my husband to ask his mother if the child is sick because the last thing I want is for my kids or myself get sick, but he don't bother and is a constant fight over that specially now that the weather is changing, I am not the BEST MOTHER in the planet but as soon as my kids are getting sick with a cold I either take them to the Dr's or do home remedies, His son had being sick sometimes the 2 weeks before coming to my house and his mother don't even bother taking him to the Dr's for antibiotics or anything, this child came to my house last nite coughing a storm with a fever has being sick for 3 days now NOT COVERING HIS COUGH( no manners how so ever) so guess what now I have a fever my throat hurts my head is killing me! HOW in responsible CAN A MOTHER BE WITH A CHILD AND OTHERS AROUND THEM.. with all the sickness that are going around now a days ppl should be more concern with the health...


Ever LopezFlushing, New York
Ever Lopez
Oh he haven't stop listening to me all day, I just told him "if I end up in the hospital this will be the end of this nonsense of your son coming over sick" I just came out of the hospital last weekend and the Dr's told us I can't get sick because my left kidney is swollen due to an infection and my white cells counts are high....
    Ever Lopez
    Yes he does.. I know that is his child but while being sick he can't unless his mother had taken him already to a Dr and had some type of medication... last yr my new born was in the hospital at 9 days old due to the same thing, he came in sick no antibiotics not even over the counter meditation, she knew we had a new born at home and her respond to my husband was
    " kids will get sick regardless"
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