Picky toddler

Hello moms! I could use some tips on getting my picky toddler to eat! She's 19 months old and cannot have dairy! Any ideas of foods to try with her? I've been told that her percentile is about 30. So she's little!

    Don't worry about her being little.

    I make sure my littles are getting enough calcium and iron (that's the two biggest things they miss out on, they can't have milk either). We get a multivitamin that has extra vitamin d and calcium, your body needs the d to absorb the calcium properly and we eat LOT of broccoli and cook in a cast iron skillet for the most part. Broccoli is high in calcium-I know there's a bunch of other ones (just google high calcium foods), but we prefer broccoli. If they eat it raw, they prefer to dip that in ranch. The cast iron takes care of the iron problem.
    Mine are also growing out of it for the most part. They can't have straight milk, but they can eat the by products (cheese, yogurt, ice cream, butter) as long as it's limited amounts. With the cheese, they can have more if it's cooked. I try a little bit of something on them every six months or so to see if their bodies are still intolerant to it, just a few bites is enough for them, but not too much that puts them in pain for days getting it through their system.
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