Just another morning

It was a pretty good morning today but an usual one. I woke up early and got ready then started getting the kids up for school. I kept getting ready as they got ready and then took them off to school. I have Chloe, Nick, Cody and Aubrey with me right now and I'm trying to keep them entertained, I think the TV works pretty good to accomplish that. I need to clean and get the trash ready for pickup tomorrow so I'm going to start on doing that as well as keep my eyes on the little one's. The kids are happy that the Chiefs won yesterday they played the Chargers in San Diego, they had been following the Royals in the summer time but the World Series doesn't start until tomorrow so they've had a little layoff from that. We had a pretty good weekend, Tim was off yesterday and is off today, he goes back to work tomorrow but he's going to work outside today and start getting the yard cleaned up and I'm going to get the inside clean. Hope you ladies have a great Monday, I'm going to get working.

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My name is Michelle Fritch. I have been married to my husband Tim for 16 years and together we have nine children, Tim has four older children from a previous marriage totaling 13 children for him. Tim is a Railroad Engineer and I am a Stay At Home Mom.