My labor story :D

I love telling my labor story. I am so blessed by how it all happened. I feel like sharing it :) My due date was July 23rd, 2014 , Keep that in mind ;) (if you read all of this, let me know your thoughts)
On the morning of July 22nd, I felt icky, and tired. I didn't want to go anywhere, and I was always going somewhere. I tried to stay active and keep my mind busy. I was almost 40 weeks pregnant and going to the mall, the beach(I live on the beach), the park. I knew something wasn't the same since I didn't want to go anywhere, just wanted to stay in bed. That whole day I felt little back pain, and some light headedness but nothing extreme. Mind you I didn't notice any loss of my mucous plug or anything. I didn't really eat dinner or really drink anything either. I just wanted to sleep, but I couldn't because I wasn't able to get comfortable even with my body pillow. I didn't sleep at all that night, I kept tossing and turning and getting up. The next morning (July 23rd) I really didn't feel right, the pain in my back got way worse, and It hurt bad, but my stomach never once contracted. So I didn't think I was having contractions but I called my doctor anyways. They told me to go to the hospital and get checked out. I went that morning around 9:30 , I was 1cm dilated and 70% effaced. My doctor and I agreed for me to be induced that night . I was so happy that I was going to see my baby boy the next day. Or so I thought. I went to Walmart after I left the hospital to get some last minute things, and the pain got worse and worse. I went home, and tried to nap, I couldn't even do that. I didn't eat or drink anything all morning or afternoon. It was about 1pm and I was in so much pain that I needed to go back to the hospital NOW! I had my mom call the doctor and tell them I am not waiting, I am going NOW lol. By that time I knew they were contractions but it was intense and all in my back. They were coming every minute and lasting a long time it felt like. I didn't get a break, I screamed a few times. ( I live in a condo, so I felt bad for the people in the condo lol, I was the talk of the condo when I got home lol) The ride there seemed like hours, but only 10mins lol. I got there and got on the exam table I was 6cm, as soon as the nurse left the exam room .....MY WATER BROKE! I freaked out because I thought it was the baby coming out, I screamed at my mom to get the baby , get the baby. " It's just your water Alyssa" lol I was in denial. They only had one delivery room open on that floor, praise god. I got in there, and it was almost 3pm. I got on the very uncomfortable bed, and I was severely dehydrated and exhausted, they gave me ice water to drink. I couldn't even drink I was in so much pain. I was hot, exhausted , tired and hungry, and in pain lol. There was NO time for pain medicine at all. I got what I wanted, a all natural birth lol, even though I begged for pain medicine lol. I was 9cm a little after 4pm, and my doctor still wasn't there lol. he had over 5 women in labor same hospital, I made the sixth. Ah, finally time to push, I was so tired and I got a Charlie horse in my leg and a cramp in my foot as I was pushing lol. After 4 or maybe 5 pushes, my beautiful baby boy entered the world at 5:17pm on July 23rd(on my due date ) The doctor put him on my chest , I couldn't believe it. I was in shock still I think. I am a single mom,(not anymore now) and so my dad got to cut the cord. I saw my dad cry when I first held my son. He cried and then he lifted his head after I talked to him. I just cried and stared at him. Then the doctor said time to sew you up, I was like whatttt? lol he cut me, and only needed 3stiches. I got to breast feed my son an hour after, which was a bit hard but worth it. (isn't it amazing how babies know what to do, I find it amazing our bodies can carry a baby for 9months and do what our bodies can do) I am so blessed and grateful for my son. They way he entered this world is a moment I will never forget. It was truly an amazing moment. I got what I wanted, I wanted an all natural birth, I wanted skin to skin immediately, and I wanted to breastfeed after. All the nurses and my doctor were surprised by how it all happened since this was my first pregnancy and baby. I knew I was going to have him on my due date, I was determined lol . Well that's my story , if you read all of it THANK YOU , leave some comments on what you think , and share your story too :)

My labor story :DMy labor story :D
    Melissa Middleton
    I love your story. It was beautiful and so is your son. :)
    Thank you :) I appreciate that
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