Favorite food

What was your kids favorite food? If they even ate lol.

My 3 year old tore up some ham. That's what she wanted for breakfast too.

My 4 year old just ate a tiny little bit of a couple things. And whip cream :)

My nephew ate a little bit of a couple things and like 5 rolls.

Was just curious about this cause my 3 year old ate a lot of ham lol​

    8Theresa Gould
    From Thanksgiving? Our children eat everything. We even require them to have a small helping of squash and rutabaga even if they say they don't want or like it. And guess what? Our 7 year old daughter discovered she really does like rutabaga and had three helpings!
    That's what I was wondering too.
    8Theresa Gould
    Rutabaga is from the turnip family. I actually grew up calling it turnip, but when I moved here my husband's mom called it rutabaga. It's orange, not as orange as butternut squash and not quite as sweet. It's great served mashed with butter, salt and pepper.
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