Just wanna have ONE birthday party...

Owen will be 1 in January. My husbands parents are divorced and his dad has a GF who is great and loves Owen and Owen loves her. No problem there other then his parents don't like being together in the same room. His dad will be just fine and I'm not worried about him or his GF its his mom I'm worried about. I shouldn't be BUT I want Owen to have only ONE birthday party. I do'nt want him to have 3 or 4 different ones. That's just to much. I want everyone, Ryans dad's side, mom's side, and my side all to come over and leave all their drama and BS at the door and enjoy his first birthday and enjoy everyone who is here. Is that being selfish or is it okay for me to ask everyone to join us for his first and only birthday party?

    Melissa Middleton
    That is not being selfish nor does it sound so. It sounds like you are being reasonable and mature about this. It is your son's first birthday party and he should have everyone he loves in the same room. Two or more parties may be too overwhelming for the little guy. I hope everyone can come to their senses and give Owen an enjoyable party.
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