So i am 29 weeks and i just started getting sick just by thinking about food. I dont want to eat anything but ice cream peanut butter pie donuts caramel apples candy and pop tarts stuff like that. Is anyone else having this problem or had this problem.

    that's completely normal!

    Here are some healthy substitutes tips:

    Instead of ice cream, try sorbet, sherbet, Popsicles, or low-fat frozen yogurt.
    If you're craving doughnuts or pastries, try whole-grain bagels or toast topped with jam.
    Instead of potato chips, try baked chips, pretzels, or light microwave popcorn.
    If you can't stop thinking about chocolate, only eat a few squares instead of a whole bar or just have chocolate milk.
    Instead of soda, drink some flavored seltzer or fruit juice mixed with mineral water.
    When you want cakes, cookies, or pie, try low-fat banana or zucchini bread instead.
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