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This is my first child an I was wondering can an epurdol hurt the baby and if u don't want it and they have to do a c section will they give it to u anyway or just num u

    C-section is a major surgery. If an epidural catheter has been in place and functioning well, most of the time the anesthesiologist can put additional medicine into the catheter to make the numbness adequate for surgery. As with spinal anesthesia, it is normal for the body to feel numb from the lower chest down to the feet. Again, this is considered the right amount of anesthesia to keep you comfortable for the operation. If the epidural does not work, it may be replaced, or spinal or general anesthesia may be used. This choice depends on the urgency of the situation. This is, however, uncommon.
    Epidurals can cause changes in the fetal heart rate (FHR) that indicate that the unborn baby is lacking blood and oxygen. This effect is well known to occur soon after the administration of an epidural.
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