Baby Dr. Appointment

Went to Dr. Modi yesterday and she did a wonderful job. Very thankful I was expecting worse lol but she said she wasn't concerned with the baby at this point that she could see why I was worried with all the bleeding but the baby has a very strong heartbeat but for me not to ignore everything if anything else comes up or it gets worse to call her or go to the ER. again. I am to be on bed rest for the next 4 weeks only to get up and take care of Colton cause everyone works of the day. I am to drink lots of water and wait till I'm about 16 weeks b4 I get another flu shot. I took one last year at 33 weeks and got influenza A so it stunk I really didn't want to take another one but. Thanks to God and all my praying friends the baby is fine. and I am super happy.

    Oh I am so glad that things are good!!!
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