My DH would just not eat.
I know we should stop feeding once baby stops opening her mouth for spoon, but what do you do when thats how the meal times starts. She may take a few spoons and then simply deny to open her mouth. I have to offer her a bargain like a toy or some kind of finger food so that she would eat few mor e times but then its all about screaming, crying and spitting food around.
Even with milk she only finishes half of it and then she is more interested in playing with the bottle than drinking

    There is a period between 8 and 10 months of age (may be earlier), that your baby may begin to refuse being fed food from a spoon. Let her try to feed herself- offer a bowl and a spoon.You may begin to offer your daughter more meals made up of foods that she is able to feed herself whenever you feel she is ready. Don't worry too much about the amount she eats. Offering a variety of nutritious foods during the day will ensure that your baby is getting all the nourishment she need.
      I had this problem when my son was 5 months. SO I cooked some chicken, elbow noodles and mixed veggies, cut up the chicken in little bites about the size of puffs maybe a lil bigger. Mixed them all together and gave him that to eat. He loved it its now his favorite, I make a new batch of it every week. She is propbably tired of the spoon. Also I my son eats those baby foods in the bags. He likes the gerber ones. but any who since he know how to use those he drinks from a straw yes since 4 months. SO I make up a bottle and put it in a sippy for breakfast and supper. He still gets 3 bottles a day but this way he is getting that little extra of the formula and he can do it him self and he likes it. He likes being able to eat him self and fee himself. Also he LOVE hamburger helper!!! The cheese burger one. I just cut the noodles in half cause they are kind of big. YES he does choke every now and then but he works it out and its never dramatic and there are no finger sweeps or pounding his back... It took him a bit to get use to food of course but it all made him happy when he could do it himself.

      When you if you give hamburger helper it will be messy. I recomend just a diaper maybe a bib if you want but its all mussy but any thing with sauce will be messy. I just recomend letting her try feeding herself. I also take bread and put butter and a lil jelly on it and squish it a bit cut it us small (puff size) and let her eat that.

      Try the sippy cups. the tip up kind or the straw kind. let her feed herself Yes it will take longer but it might help and get her to eat.

      I do recomend getting a leash that hooks to the sippy cup and to her tray on her highchair cause when she drops it and she will then it wont hit the floor. Also for the sippy I get the $2.00 munchkin ones from wal-mart with the straw. They are normally on the bottom shelf.

      Good luck hope this helpes :)
        Owen only has 2 teeth in the front and he got them about a month or so ago. SO no they don't need teeth they gum it all. Just make the noodles and veggies super soft. It will take her a bit to get use to it. but I'm sure she will love it :) Try the mixed veggies first and see how that goes and maybe every few days or week add either noodles, then the chicken just to help her get use to it all. Have fun and once she figures it all out she will be a happy baby again and then you will get to eat a hot supper to :) It was a good day in our house ha ha
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