The Sass

The rude demeanor, the sassing, the talking-back, the smart alec, whatever you call it, it's not fun, easy, nor is it pretty. It's down right ugly and stressful. It makes you want to cry, pull your hair out, and scream...sometimes even run and hide. Lately, my (step)daughter's mouth has gotten worse. 90% of what she says is something rude and mean. We are trying our best to correct it. But, she is a Daddy's girl and has my hubby wrapped snug around her pretty little finger. So, in a desperate attempt, better yet, a last resort, I went surfing--the net that is. I came across this article after many failed searches. It makes me feel better to know I am not alone in this. And, that I have tried just like these other parents and still have a sassy brat. It is difficult to stand my ground when I say something and my hubby won't assist me in standing firm. But, I am willing to keep on trying.…

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